Elisa Scarselli | MDChief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder

    Elisa joined Okairos in 2010 as the company’s Clinical Director.

    Prior to Okairos, she was a Scientist at IRBM / Merck since 1992, where she worked first on Hepatitis C infection and immunity and then as group leader in Oncology. Elisa has been involved in many aspects of Vaccine programs, from the validation of the genetic vaccine platform in pre-clinical models to the design and implementation of clinical trials and the preparation of dossiers for regulatory agencies. Previously, she also carried out research at the ZMBH in Heidelberg, working in the field of malaria infection.

    She has published several papers in peer reviewed international journals on a range of subjects, including virology, immunology and oncology.

    Elisa holds a degree in Medicine, residency in Hematology and a master in Scientific and regulatory perspectives of drugs development.

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